Michelle Munevar, L.P.A.

Licensed Psychological Associate


Ms. Munevar has experience in a variety of immigration contexts. Bilingual in Spanish, she has conducted evaluations for immigration cases in the areas of asylum, hardship waivers, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), torture convention, and in cases where a prior criminal conviction may be impeding an applicant’s immigration status.

Ms. Munevar has extensive experience conducting attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disability (LD) evaluations for individuals throughout the lifespan. In children, ADHD or LD can often be associated with behavioral disorders. It is important to distinguish between learning and behavioral disorders for treatment planning and applying for accommodations through the Americans with Disabilities Act or 504 accommodations through the Department of Education.

Ms. Munevar is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. She can conduct any assessment in either language. She also has a solid understanding of cultural diversity (e.g., race, ethnicity, nationality, and LGBTQ), and how an individual’s diversity impacts personality and educational assessment.

Ms. Munevar has experience conducting personal injury evaluations involving the neurospsychological impact on patients, both English and Spanish speaking. Her past involvement includes assessing the neuropsychological impacts of prolonged carbon monoxide exposure on children. Currently, Ms. Munevar anticipates to be involved in a litigation case to evaluate the neuropsychological consequences of neurotoxins on migrant, Spanish-speaking farmers.

Ms. Munevar has experience assessing risk of recidivism and violence.