Mother of 3 children who drowned is denied custody of new family

The Chicago Tribune reported this week on a woman who recently lost custody of her three children. Amanda Ware was convicted of child endangerment following the drowning death of her first three children in 2003 at the hands of her then boyfriend Maurice LaGrone, Jr. This is a very complicated case in that there are no current allegations that her three living children are in immediate danger. Rather, the concern appears to be that Ms. Ware has not accepted her role in the deaths of her first three children, instead referring to it as an ‘accident.’ As a result, the fear is that this lack appreciation may contribute to poor judgment in her future parenting decisions. The therapist in this case initially testified that Ms. Ware should regain custody of her children, but then changed her mind on the stand, apparently only at that time hearing about Ms. Ware’s past for the first time. This case highlights just how complex family law and child safety can be.