Dr. Alissa Sherry recently testified in the Alex Jones and Kelly Jones custody case. Her testimony was highlighted on a number of national and local news media sites including the Huffington Post, The Daily Beast , and the Austin American Statesman . High profile custody cases can be particularly difficult and expensive cases to litigate. They tend to draw a lot of media attention as has been seen in the custody battle of celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina JolieAlec Baldwin and Kim Basinger,  and Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller/Denise Richards.

However, while such cases draw a lot of public interest, many of the issues found in high profile custody cases are similar to custody cases that do not garner such media attention.  Issues like substance abuse, mental instability, child abuse, and parental alienation are common themes in high conflict custody battles. At the end of the day, celebrities are not much different than the average person who finds themselves embroiled in one of these family law matters. Yet, the public interest in these cases can sensationalize their stories to make their situations sound unique to only the rich and famous.
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