In her 10+ years in the field, Legal Consensus Founder Alissa Sherry heard three common complaints:


We attempt to minimize these problems in forensic evaluations. Using decades of research on individual and group bias, we have created a standardized procedure designed to minimize bias in forensic evaluations. In addition, Legal Consensus has its own research consultants on staff and on retainer. These individuals insure that our psychological testing protocols reflect the latest measurement science and that issues specific to a given case (i.e., alienation; child abuse; step-parenting; etc) are carefully researched and explained to the court in understandable layperson’s terms. Finally, every step of the process is carefully documented and available for review by both attorneys and the court, making the process more transparent so that parties and their attorney can understand the basis for the opinions made.

It is hoped this approach will strengthen the utility of forensic behavioral science in the courtroom by increasing the scientific reliability of forensic evaluations, ultimately contributing positively to each person’s right to a fair and complete evaluation.